Intel has confirmed that it will be providing chips to Google, as the internet search giant will soon be introducing Android based notebooks in the market. This isn’t Google’s first foray in the notebook market. The company has released a number of Chromebooks in the past but they haven’t gained much traction. The latest offering, Chromebook Pixel, hasn’t been able to make waves as well despite its impressive build quality and amazing display. The company hopes that its Android based notebooks won’t suffer from a similar fate.

The Android notebooks will have touchscreen displays and are going to be powered by Intel Atom processors. Google is aiming for a new price point, it is expected to price these touchscreen notebooks at approximately $200. It remains to be seen how much of an effect this price point will have on sales of 7″ tablets that are similarly priced. An Intel executive believes that it is unlikely for Windows 8 based notebooks to be in this price range, but it all depends on how Microsoft prices Windows 8. For Android notebooks, a $200 price is possible because the software itself is free for OEMs. No specifications or release time frame of these notebooks has been given.

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