jukeblox-fccWe know of the jukebox, never mind if it plays CDs or old school records, but just what the heck is a Jukeblox? Some might say that it is a futuristic version of the current jukebox, or perhaps the next evolution of this social institution at bars and other public places where folks congregate to unwind, while others might just think that this is a typo that surfaced over at the FCC. Yes sir, it seems that one particular LG Jukeblox has been spotted over at the FCC, where it has been described as a “networked media module”, and that particular description alone makes it one of a kind, even on the Internet.

The FCC’s report do point out some of the Jukeblox’s features, where it will come with an 802.11 b/g WiFi module, although it did not drop any more clues concerning its intended purpose or destination. Right now, the folks over at Engadget have made an educated guess that it will be a rival to the AllShare Cast. What do you think the LG Jukeblox is going to end up like when it finally hits the mass market, and how much do you think one would have to pony up for it?

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