jerrycanWhat are the folks in the image above smiling about? Well, it is not because they struck gold or oil somewhere in the middle of the desert, and are on their way to being rich beyond their imagination, but rather, the LifeSaver Jerrycan that they carry lives up to its name, being a device that delivers 18.5 liters (4.9 gallons) of water-purifying and carrying capacity. This relatively large water purification jug would definitely come in handy for those who love camping out in the great outdoors, or to folks living in far off remote villages.

It will come with an integrated filtration system which is capable of purifying up to 18.5 liters (4.9 gallons) of water at one time, and thanks to the integrated shower attachment, you will be able to use said purified water for drinking purposes as well as your cleaning needs. I guess this is more or less a bulk version of the Lifesaver bottle, where it is said to do away with 99.99% of bacteria, 99.99% of viruses and “all other microbiological waterborne pathogens.” The asking price to pay for the LifeSaver Jerrycan? Price start from approximately $260 after conversion.

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