lightpackPhilips and their Ambilight technology certainly ushered in something different for the mass market a few years back, and it is not something that you would be able to find on other non-Philips devices around the home. Well, the Lightpack is an idea that might change that situation eventually, where it is currently looking to raise funds on Kickstarter. Just what is Lightpack all about? It is actually a bunch of LEDs, accompanied by a few wires and a small black box, but do not take it at face value. Instead, check out what it can do in the long run – which is to create glowing effects which will mimic whatever is being shown.

Not quite the same idea as Ambilight, but imagine having the Lightpack “expand” the light and colors from the explosion on your screen onto the wall, and this also, assuming that you are viewing the latest action movie in a dark room with all other sources of light turned off. Not only that, Lightpack can also be programmed to send over colorful alerts from a range of other apps, with email, Twitter and Facebook alerts being just the beginning. Do you have faith that the Lightpack would make it big?

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