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Little Big Planet Developer Launching New Game ‘Tearaway’ Oct. 22 On PS Vita

Media Molecule, who is best known for their hugely popular Little Big Planet series, have been working on a new title for the PS Vita called Tearaway. Today, Sony is announcing the game will be made available on the PlayStation Network on October 22.

As you’ll see from a newly published video, Tearaway borrows much of its gameplay mechanics from Little Big Planet, although it isn’t just a side-scrolling platformer. Tearaway features a papery world where you can pick one of two messengers, iota or atoi, to help make a special delivery in the world. As you progress through the game, you’ll be given god-like powers to better help your messengers along their adventure.┬áTouch-based gameplay seems to be of importance in Tearaway as many of the puzzles you’ll come across will ask the player to complete it by using the rear-touch panel as well as the Vita’s touch-screen.

Tearaway seems to be a pretty neat little PS Vita game and if it’s made by Media Molecule, then you can be sure it’ll be gaining a lot of attention when we get closer to its October release.

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