medgeThere are dime a dozen kinds of cases for your tablets, and M-Edge has just announced another one to join the fray. The thing is, this particular case from M-Edge that is meant to protect your tablet from knocks, drops and scratches (or at least, it will “die” trying to a certain extent), will only arrive in several form factors – being available for the iPad only that the moment, albeit it will soon arrive in sizes to accommodate the iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Kindle Fire HD 7. The name of the tablet case? A simple M-Edge Slim Case would do, thank you very much.

As its name suggests, the Slim Case will come in a protective molded shell, an elastic closure strap, and GripTrack Technology, which is a friction-based solution for stand modes so that you can enjoy a range of viewing and typing angles, all for $39.99 a pop. The Slim Case would arrive in a range of bright patterns, colors, and prints which ought to appeal to those who are young at heart, where you can choose from mint polka dots, pink and orange bandage stripes, purple, and red colors. [Press Release]

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