email_bodyMailbox for the iPhone is a beautifully designed mail app that aims to ensure that your mailbox is always cleared, basically forcing the user to make sure that their emails are always tended to, or at least schedule them to be read or replied later. However while the app feature a clean and intuitive user interface, it seems that data protection might have been overlooked. According to app developer, Subhransu Behera, he has discovered that the data and information from the app can be easily accessed by one who has access to your phone physically.


Through the use of iExplorer, a tool that allows for users to transfer music, movies and etc. between iOS devices, it was discovered that anyone with access to your phone can easily access content from Mailbox, your contacts and even your attachments! Behera stated that since the iOS SDK provides developers with tools to help protect data, he is surprised that Mailbox does not use it. We’re not sure if this was intentional or if it was simply overlooked, but hopefully Mailbox will address this issue soon.

For the average Joe, this might not be a big deal especially if they don’t keep sensitive information in their emails, but for business users or government users, the ease to gain access to potentially sensitive information could be a huge problem.

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