me5Do you follow the manga and/or anime Initial D? Sure, the characters in there have some pretty extraordinary driving skills, but this does not mean they are able to win in just about any vehicle, as the tools of the trade are also equally important as knowledge itself. Most professional road racers would tell you that a great set of tires is crucial in providing that much needed boost to a vehicle’s performance, and toy manufacturer Takara Tomy must have taken that insight and churned out an eraser car that has been styled after a Mario Kart, of course.

Japan is a strange country at times, and as we have witnessed recently, real life Mario Kart drivers made their way to Japan’s freeway, so it would not be too out of place to see these “Bato-Keshi!! (Racing Erasers) Mario Kart 7″ sets arriving in stores throughout the Land of the Rising Son later this month. There will be three sets up for grabs, where each will feature Mario and either his super brother Luigi, long time love interest Princess Peach, and Toad.

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