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Today Microsoft has announced that it is ending Office for Mac 2008 support on April 9th. Those who are still using Office for Mac 2008 don’t actually have to upgrade right away, this announcement certainly does not mean that. Though Microsoft encourages that Office 2008 users try Office 365, which also includes Office for Mac 2011 and all future upgrades for the program, “for the best experience”. Office 365 is based on a subscription model and users have the option to choose between $100 per year or $10 per month subscriptions.

Apart from that, the latest standalone Office 2011 suite for Mac can be purchased for a base price of $140. Microsoft has not commented on its plans regarding Office for Mac 2011, but as of now the program is completely supported by the company. Office for Mac 2008 users can keep on using the suite, but Microsoft now ceases all official support for it. They will not be rolling out any new patches after April 9th. The patches that have already been released will be available for download from Microsoft’s website until April 19th 2014. Have you ever tried Office 365 on Mac?

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