microwave-swatA woman from Tucson, Arizona, discovered that her microwave oven was definitely no match for a SWAT tactical robot. Just how did such a match up come about in the first place, anyway? Well, she was living in a midtown apartment complex when the police sent a SWAT tactical robot to her place after tenants in the area reported the sound of gunshots from her apartment. In the build up to the situation, the complex manager did make an attempt to evict one man staying there, and post-confrontation, the neighbors heard gunshots.

Sgt. Chris Widmer, spokesman for the Tucson Police Department, shared, “Officers arrived at the complex and saw a woman breaking out window glass from inside apartment with what appeared to be a shotgun, they evacuated the other residents.”

Upon refusal to leave the apartment, a SWAT tactical robot that boasts of a camera was sent in for the SWAT members to have “eyes” on the ground without endangering their lives, but the woman in question decided to toss a microwave at the robot, but to no negative effect as she missed her target. I suppose it would have been better if the robot were to be placed into the microwave itself assuming it is small enough, don’t you think so?

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