Mobile Phones Useful For End-Of-Life Instructions

smartphone-last-wishIn a way, you can say that advance care directives (ACDs for short) are legal documents which enable folks to inform others around them the quality of life that one is prepared to accept when in a coma, terminally ill, or do not have the capacity to speak for themselves. Since not too many people have ACDs at the moment, and even those who do hardly carry them around, clinicians are hence unable to access the patient’s wishes should the patient end up in life threatening medical situations.

This is where your mobile phone or smartphone would come in handy, as it allows those who are about to administer treatment in life threatening medical situations know how to approach the patient according to the patient’s wishes, in addition to making such documents a whole lot easier and more accessible to be altered at any time. Better stash away your wishes on a smartphone than in a dusty, forgotten shoe box somewhere, no?

Read more about phones. Source: medicalxpress

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