Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Updated For Wii U, Now Supports Off Screen PlayingOne of the cooler features of the Nintendo Wii U is its ability to take the game you’re playing on your television, and transfer it to the Gamepad. This is handy when someone needs the TV, or if you’re moving to a different location in the house. Now the good news for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate players is that the game for the Wii U has recently been updated and players will now be able to enjoy the game on television screen or on their Gamepad, whichever they prefer or whichever the situation dictates. The update will also be merging both the North American servers and European servers into a giant server, allowing players from multiple regions to all play together, get connected and hunt monsters. In order to update the game, all you’d have to do is launch the game and you should begin downloading automatically.

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