Nerf Gun Gets Modded Into A Guitar, Pretty Awesome

nerfender-nerf-rayven-fender-electric-guitar-500If there is one thing I indulge in once in a while, it would be the purchase and fooling around with Nerf guns. There’s just something incredibly satisfying about firing them off at your window, at friends, and sometimes even family! Anyway we’ve come across Nerf gun modifications before, but it looks like this particular modder, an Australian girl who goes by the handle Nerfenstein, has taken a Nerf gun and modded it into a guitar! Unfortunately the guitar does not actually play, but it looks pretty awesome and according to Nerfenstein, it will fire off rounds so you can only imagine how much cooler this would be if the guitar actually played. Sort of similar to the pyrotechnics rock bands would pull off back in the day, albeit safer.

According to Nerfenstein, this Nerf gun was made from a Nerf Rayven and was painted red, given a guitar neck where the tuning pegs are actually made from spent gun casings. The key sections are made from paint tube squeezers, so we have to give her props for her creativity. She has even named the gun/guitar NerFender, a nod to the Nerf gun and the Fender electric guitar. It’s pretty cool so head on over to Girly Gamer if you want to read more or see additional photos.

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