eBay is one of the most widely used online marketplaces for buying and selling things. Millions of users from around the world use eBay to load off a very wide variety of things, including but not limited to used or new electronic devices, cars, boats, planes, watches, dresses and a lot more. While surfing through the eBay app a person is likely to come across many items that they would want to purchase. The problem with its Android app was that there was no shopping cart, meaning that users had to conduct separate transactions for separate products. Now the eBay Android app has finally been updated and it brings Shopping Cart for a much more streamlined checkout process.

The app will notify users if there’s an item in their Shopping Cart that is ending soon. Users will be able to save items here to make payments later, in a single transaction they can pay for multiple products even if they are from multiple sellers. The images are larger and search experience has been improved in this update. Users can also add notes to the seller while checking out. This newly updated eBay Android app can now be downloaded from Google Play Store.

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