Apple stopped highlighting specific features of their mobile devices for their new set of commercials, but they have returned to doing so with their new iPhone commercial where the company focuses on the device’s camera.

The majority of the commercial time is spent showing people in different regions of the world taking photos of the surroundings that include a concert, the view during a jog and some iconic world locations. At the end of the commercial, Apple claims “more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.” We would assume this claim is based on Flickr’s statistics, which reports the iPhone is one of the most popular “cameras” on the platform, but it certainly doesn’t beat out cameras by Canon and Nikon.

We think the iPhone commercial was a good attempt at bringing back focus on what Apple’s products can do, but saying more photos are taken with it than any other camera is certainly a false claim. Apple should definitely consider rephrasing that to “any other smartphone camera,” which would be a more accurate claim.

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