Imgur is perhaps the most used image hosting website on the internet. It is home to all kinds of images, be it memes, cats or random photography. The official Imgur Android app is now available for download from Google Play Store. The app is currently in beta mode, so it is not exactly available for all regions. Imgur has georestricted its Android app to Australia during the beta period.

The Imgur Android app allows users to browse the most viral images on the internet that the service plays host to. Users have the ability to comment and vote on images straight from the app as well as manage their accounts. There’s also the ability to upload images to Imgur straight from your Android powered phone and to submit images directly to Imgur’s gallery. The app will work on any Android device running firmware 2.1 or higher. Available as a free download, it’ll take some time before the app becomes available for everyone. Right now, only the Australians can go download this app from the Google Play Store and laugh at some kittens.

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