panasonic-led-clipThese days, it is all about convergence devices as well as ideas, and when it comes to the humble clothes clip, I guess you can more or less say that the design could not be improved further. Or could it? Apparently so, as evident by the folks over at Panasonic of Japan, having unveiled the hands-free LED clip light BF-AF20P which will arrive in different pleasing colors. The Panasonic BF-AF20P LED light will not only help you light up your path or the immediate area (although do not expect it to flood the entire area), it also doubles up as a clothes clip which comes in handy to dry clothes.

The light’s angle can be also adjusted, and since it has the task of helping you keep those wet clothes on a clothesline, a semblance of waterproof capability is more than welcome, and that is exactly what the LED clip light BF-AF20P is – splash-proof. Running on a couple of CR2032 button cell batteries, the LED light will measure 35mm × 34mm × 50mm, tipping the scales at approximately 19 grams, battery included. Out later this May, pricing details will be announced in due time.

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