We’ve heard of games where some of the backgrounds were hand drawn, but in the case the upcoming iOS and Android RPG, Paper Sorcerer, the entire game seems to have been drawn by hand! It’s a pretty impressive feature and we’re sure that there are old school RPG gamers out there who can appreciate the art style. For those who prefer 3D games with stunning visuals, perhaps this game might not be for you. Designed and developed by Jesse Gallagher, the video of the game reminds me of old school RPG games with turn-based combat, rather than the more modern day RPG with flashy effects and what not.

According to Gallagher (via Pocket Tactics), “Instead of a traditional party, you choose a set of minions to aid you, creating a 4-member fighting party out of the six you acquire over the game. There’s a pool of 13 unique summons to choose from, all with their own assortment of special skills and abilities — over 300 unique skills in all.” The game is scheduled for a release soon and a playable demo can be found at its website

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