Being able to download demos, arcade titles and downloadable content onto your Xbox 360 from the comfort of your home office is as easy as queuing up each download to your account to then begin downloading the next time you turn on your console. It’s certainly a feature I use on a regular basis, and one that took way too long to be made available on the PlayStation 3, which Sony is announcing today.

Just like with the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 can now queue a download to your console through its PSN web store. Sony offers a better solution than Microsoft does as they make it possible for its PS Plus subscribers to have these downloads initiate automatically during their PlayStation 3’s scheduled automatic update time. Non-PS Plus subscribers will still be able to download software, but just like the Xbox 360, it’ll occur the next time you turn your console on. Today’s feature is also available to PS Vita owners as well.

Regardless of Sony’s delayed timing to releasing this update, it’s good to see something like this is now available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners as it certainly can be frustrating to hear about something you’d like to download and have to set a reminder to grab it when you get back to your console, especially if it’s a free PS Plus game.

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