Ray Charles has been long gone since June 2004, but his memory still lives on in his fans, especially in Osaka, Japan where a life-size animatronic of the legendary musician can be seen performing some of his most notable tracks.

The animatronic Ray Charles can be found belting out tunes in front of Osaka Castle where its creator has made him look and act nearly identical to the real-life version. Well – maybe not look exactly like Ray Charles, but considering this was made by a regular person, we can certainly overlook how terrible its hair looks and that his skin is entirely made of paper clay..

As the music plays, the robo-Ray moves his mouth along with the words to the song and plays the keyboard as well. The music doesn’t come from the keyboard, as many would probably guess, but instead it comes from a small speaker located in his chest. We guess you could say this animatronic Ray Charles carries his music in his heart.

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