samsung_logoYou know what they say – the old must go before the new will be able to arrive, and I guess when it comes to the fast paced world of consumer electronics, there is no going around it, that one will have to evolve with the entire industry, or risk being left behind. The case with Samsung is no different, considering how they are one of the more commanding companies out there in the world of consumer electronics, and it seems that the latest rumor going around the block concerning this South Korean conglomerate is the fact that they are probably working on a new lettercode for their next generation of mobile devices.

As it stands, Samsung relies on the GT letter codes for /Asia, Africa and select South American countries, with rumors going around that there is a new letter code from Samsung which will ditch “GT” but rely on “SM” instead, and the very same tipster claims that Samsung will make use of SM-T for their new tablet range. Do you think SM is too much of a giveaway, where it could most probably mean “Samsung Mobile”? I leave that for your weekend speculation, but as with all good rumors, it will be debunked or confirmed with the passage of time, of course.

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