Samsung-Galaxy-SIV-concept-1While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is by no means an ugly phone, it’s not exactly the best-looking one either, although we guess that will depend on preference. Either way it is safe to assume that many had expect a major redesign of the phone given the hype and anticipation surrounding it, and for those who don’t find the Galaxy S4’s design particularly striking or memorable, here’s a concept that you might dig. Put together by Florin Kumnova (via Behance), this is a Galaxy S4 concept we can definitely get behind on.

The hardware specs of the phone remain the same as the retail model, with the notable differences being in its design. As you can see, this concept will feature an edge-to-edge display which looks stunning, while keeping the bezels as thin as possible. It retains the home button, although it admittedly looks a bit squashed. We’re not sure what materials the design has gone with, but based on the glossy finish we’re guessing plastic. Kumnova did state that he drew inspiration from previous Galaxy phones and rightfully so as this is somewhat reminiscent of the Galaxy S2, just with a much larger display. What do you guys think?

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