samsung-robotCome on now, I am quite sure that when one talks about robots, Samsung would not be the first name that pops into the mind. After all, the only thing about robots that I can remember from the South Korean conglomerate would be their robotic vacuum cleaners that do seem to do a pretty good job, actually. Well, here we are with a patent application from none other than Samsung themselves, although this one has nothing to do at all with a vacuum cleaner, but rather, will have plenty to do with the walking motions that can be found in next generation robots.

It does seem as though Samsung is working on a new generation of D-Copycat robots which surprise, surprise, will sport a Siri-like feature. There are rumors surrounding this particular patent filing, where it states that Samsung’s next generation robots could remain “educated” just to a certain level, as they are “stuck” on certain phrases at this point in time, which might require Samsung to call off the latest project altogether. This patent was filed in September last year Stateside, and a year earlier in Korea. Of course, after reading all of this, it adds up to nothing but an elaborate and late April Fool’s prank.

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