The ability to control a tablet through our brain could be here in the near future. Researchers in Samsung’s Emerging Technology Lab say that the goal of this project is to expand means that people use to interact with devices. The company’s researchers are working with Roozbeh Jafari, who is an assistant professor of electrical engineering at the University of Texas, Dallas.

There’s no prototype right now which could be used in mass manufacturing process. Their current tests in the lab focus around the possibility of launching an application, selecting a song or a contact or powering on/off a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Their early stage research with a cap that has EEG monitoring electrodes reveals that such an interface could help people with mobility issues accomplish tasks that they couldn’t do in the past. Researchers demonstrated opening apps without even touching the tablet by simply concentrating on icons that were blinking at a distinctive frequency. The ultimate goal is to make ‘dry’ EEG sensors which can be embedded in a cap, then all people would have to do will be to wear a cap in order to use their tablet without having to repeatedly poke the screen.

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