skyrim-19I do not know about you, but how many folks out there still have a penchant for firing up
Skyrim each week to get their gaming fix? Just in case you are still a regular Skyrim player, it would bode you well to know that the latest Skyrim 1.9 update is now available on the Xbox 360 console, and PS3 owners need not fret as the very same update too, will be headed to the PS3 platform in due time. Just what kind of new stuff will the Skyrim 1.9 update bring to the table?

Well, for starters, we will see the Legendary difficulty finally arrive on consoles, which would certainly bode well with hardcore gamers. What does Legendary skills do? It basically does away with the overall level cap so that you can level up infinitely. For instance, should you maximize a particular skill, you can opt to reset said skill back to the base level, while refunding your Perk points, with the assumption that one will be able to maintain the actual Perks from before.

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