ibm-solarSolar power is definitely the way to go where mankind is concerned, as “green energy” could very well be the thing that keeps the earth around for the next generation. Well, modern day solar collectors are able to concentrate a certain degree of energy due to safety reasons, as if you were to amass more solar energy than you are able to remain cool, you would end up frying yourself – which is not a good thing. At all. An IBM-led group might have broken new ground where solar collection is concerned with a new collector dish that is said to be able to avoid such overheating damage without compromising on performance. Instead, it would even take a step forward, where the hundreds of photovoltaic chips which see action in gathering energy at the center will remain cooled by a similar microchannel water cooling that prevented Aquasar from frying, allowing each chip to concentrate 2,000 times the solar energy it would normally face.

We are talking about an affordable photovoltaic system which is capable of concentrating the power of 2,000 suns on average, while boasting of an efficiency level that collects 80% of incoming radiation, converting it into energy that the masses can take advantage of later. This proposed system is capable of being installed at just about anywhere sustainable energy, drinkable water and cool air are difficult to come across, and your pockets would smile too, as it comes at cost of three times lower compared to other systems in the market.

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