Our smartphones these days can perform an amazing amount of tasks that would blow away what we thought possible 20 years ago. But a New York City-based company is looking towards a future where our smartphones are able to know where we are in a store as well as deliver special offers just from listening to the environment.

Sonic Notify has developed an audio watermarking technology that can be picked up by your smartphone that will make it possible for such scenarios to be carried out like receiving a welcome message the moment you walk into a store or receive information when you’re standing in an aisle in relation to where you are that will help in your product purchase. The technology can also be used in TV commercials or shows to deliver special offers or make a note you’ve watched a specific commercial.

The technology is said to only cost $5 – $15 to equip a store with Sonic Notify, depending on volume, although we’re sure a number of your privacy advocate will be up in arms if something like this is implemented in your place of business. Sonic Notify’s chief executive Jonathan Glanz says the offers and notifications will be “extremely targeted” as well as offer a “really controlled experience.” Hopefully this means customers have the ability to opt-in or opt-out of the service as we know this probably won’t be for everybody.

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