We’re sure many gamers are curious as to how much the Sony PlayStation 4 will cost. Apart from a rough timeframe of being released by the end of 2013, not much else is known about the pricing. So far one UK retailer has started accepting pre-orders, but is only taking £20 deposit meaning that we still have no clue as to how much it would actually cost. In an interview with Edge magazine, Sony Worldwide Studios Vice President Michael Denny revealed that unlike the PlayStation 3 which might have been priced a little too high at the start, Sony has learnt from their mistakes and the PlayStation 4 will be priced to appeal not just to hardcore gamers, but to gamers in general, or as Denny puts it, “in the broadest sense”.

With the PlayStation 3 launching around $500-$600 at the start, we have to wonder how much lower can Sony price the PlayStation 4 to make it more appealing. We’ve heard the rumors that it could launch for $400, or £300 which is about $450 converted, both prices are higher than the Nintendo’s Wii U, but then again considering that the consoles do target different gamers, it is sort of understandable. What do you guys think? What do you consider a price that will target gamers “in the broadest sense”?

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