There’s nothing more fun, and more annoying, than taking photos of your delicious meal before and after you’ve dismantled it to share to the world through Instagram. But we’re not sure what we would do if a stranger came up to us asking if they could Instagram our meal. Thankfully, the folks at Hungry did just that in there new video.

Hungry, which is a YouTube channel who focuses mainly on cooking, decided to go outside of their kitchen to prank some folks who were enjoying a meal by asking if they would be OK with them Instagraming their meal. A number of people are completely fine with the process, while some would rather not have their meal  as well as themselves included in Hungry’s photos. In some cases, the lighting was considered to be “too dark,” which resulted in an assistant coming in to help by either shining an extremely bright light on the food or using other methods to make the lighting optimal for Instagram.

Now we ask you, what would you do in a situation like this? Would you allow someone to come up to take a photo of your food if they asked you?

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