We’ve all heard the mantra that video games are bad for us and how they apparently lead to violence. On the flipside, there are some studies that have been carried out which suggests that playing video games is actually beneficial for us, and in a study conducted by Dr. Lorenza Colzato of the Leiden University in The Netherlands, the result of their research has suggested that those who player first-person shooter games, such as Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Battlefield and so on, are likely to have better memories than those who don’t play FPS games.

According to the study which was published in the latest issue of Psychological Research, the study involved a group of gamers and non-gamers completing a number of tasks. The research found that the better memory was because FPS games “require players to develop a flexible mindset to rapidly react and monitor fast moving visual and auditory stimuli.” If you’d like to find out more details about the study, you can watch the video above for more information. What do you guys think? Any merit to this research?

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