A survey was conducted by Siegal+Gale which indicates that Samsung Galaxy is perceived to be much easier and simpler to use than Apple’s iPhone. In the survey, data from 400 people was collected about their perception of simplicity and ease of use. While Apple as a brand is thought to be more simpler and refined, at a product level the Galaxy is considered simpler.

The survey touts Samsung’s main advantages to be user-friendliness, clear advertising of the product and its high tech features. Its compatibility with non-proprietary apps and accessories is also greatly appreciated among users. The iPhone earns praise for its intuitiveness and ease of use particularly for new smartphone users. Apple’s infamous customer service earns it much appreciation as a brand and it’s ads are though to embody simplicity. Nevertheless, Galaxy comes out on top. Android smartphones are much more powerful and capable of doing more than the iPhone, that can be agreed with to some extent, but one can argue that the iPhone seems fundamentally simple. Besides, that’s the mantra Apple has embraced for quite some time now. What do you think, which of the two best selling smartphones is the most simple and easy to use?

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