iphone-5-review--21Android and iOS are probably two of the biggest names when it comes to mobile operating systems, although at the moment Android is certainly leading in terms of market share, with iOS coming in second. Considering that Android has more manufacturers and appeals to customers ranging from those looking for a budget device, to those looking for the best money can buy, it is not surprising. However according to a research from the Yankee Group, they believe that by 2015, iOS will be nabbing the top spot due to their supposedly more loyal user base.

Surveying 16,000 US customers in the past 12 months, the Yankee Group found that almost half the people they surveyed owned an Android device, while 30% used an iPhone. When it came to platform loyalty, they found that 91% of the iPhone owners they surveyed said that they would be sticking to the iPhone when it came time to upgrade, with 6% saying they would switch to Android. As for Android users, 76% of them said they would be sticking with Android, with 18% planning to jump ship to iOS when it came time to get a new device.

Of course there are many reasons why people would switch devices, i.e. better specs, newer technology, apps, services and so on, so while it is an interesting survey, 2015 could be completely different from what they have predicted.

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