tazer-axon-fluxTaser International is most famous for their self-defense device of a similar namesake, Taser, where it will discharge a bolt of energy at the attacker in an effort to disable said person who is fast closing in and violating your personal space, blanketed with an evil intention. Well, their stun gun has proved to be quite a seller, where it has been reported that around 90% of police departments in the US rely on the Taser. Well, their latest product is called the Axon Flex, where this will come in the form of a 3.2-inch camera which is versatile enough to be clipped onto a ball cap or a lapel, and has enough juice to function for up to 12 hours.

Capable of recording audio and video, who knows, it might very well be a game-changer in the policing world. The person with the Taser Axon Flex will just need to push a tiny button, and the Axon Flex will then warm up by recording up to 30 seconds of video, before switching to audio and video recording. This will definitely be able to go some way in settling police brutality claims, as recorded video will definitely be worth having as evidence should the situation call for it.

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