Docks for smartphones come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from the minimalist to the slightly more complex setup. Either way if you’re looking for a dock that is pretty much one of a kind, the AnDock could be a dock worth checking out and funding if you were interested in it. Put together by an industrial engineer from Germany, David Hawig, the AnDock is a dock that is not only pretty minimalist in terms of design, but props up your phone from the side horizontally and at an angle to allow for comfortable viewing, but at the same time comes with a cooling system to help cool your phone down while you’re watching videos or while playing games!

In the video above, Hawig demonstrates the different features of the AnDock, such as the ability to connect to HDTVs and playback movies, connect to speakers, and even comes with NFC support so by tapping your phone against the dock, you will be able to launch apps. The video also shows the dock being used to prop up your phone while playing games, and if you’re a fan of the more graphically intensive sort of game, we’re sure you can appreciate the cooling system. The AnDock is currently seeking funding and a pledge of around $103 will net you the dock upon successful funding and production. More details about the AnDock can be found here.

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