aae566b0e5bb27913a97a43c01b574fb_largeThere are apps and books on how to mix a cocktail, but sometimes some descriptions make it a bit hard for you to get the right taste. For example how much exactly are we supposed to know what a “splash” is? For the more experienced bartender, this is probably not a problem, but for those of us mixing drinks for the first time, the results are usually hit or miss. This is where the Barman comes in. Invented by John Gallagher, this device is essentially a weighing scale of sorts.

Through the use of its accompanying app, the recipe will be shared with the Barman via Bluetooth and from there it will guide you as to what ingredients to put in. Through the use of weight, the Barman will be able to determine when you have poured enough ice, alcohol or mixer and will show you through the use of a progress bar, with its flashing red once you have reached the ideal amount. Of course one can argue that mixing drinks is also about “feel” rather than precise measurements, but either way it’s a pretty novel device and if you’d like to learn more or fund it, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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