While beer is typically depicted with a frothy layer of foam at the top, there are actually some beer drinkers out there who do not appreciate the froth, choosing to scoop them out which to be honest seems like quite a waste! In any case if for some reason the bar you visit has a lousy bartender who has no clue to how properly pour beer from the tap and create a decent level of foam (1-inch of head seems to be the acceptable standard), then fret not because this $40 gizmo from Takara Tomy will be able to solve your problem.

The Sonic Hour is basically a plastic base that you place your glass or mug of beer on, and at a push of a button, it will shake bubbles from the bottle of your glass to the top, thus creating a frothy head that beer drinkers might appreciate. However if this concept is similar to how shaking a can of soda will create a lot of foam, at the same time this makes the soda flat and we can only imagine it will do the same to the beer. But if you think you will drink your beer faster than it takes to become flat, we guess $40 isn’t too much of a price to pay for the novelty and conversational-value the Sonic Hour will have with the patrons at the bar.

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