iphone-diy-boxLooking for a way to amplify the sound coming from your iPhone without having to resort to expensive external speakers? Well if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, Renee from Red Bird Blue has uploaded plans to a DIY acoustic iPhone speaker dock. Assuming you have the chops and necessary equipment, your end product could look like the one in the photo above. Basically what this does is that it helps to redirect the sound coming from the iPhone’s tiny speakers and amplifies it naturally. Granted you wouldn’t be getting the same amount of bass thump or crystal clear trebles from a set of proper speakers, but for those who love to embark on DIY projects, this could be for you. Plus we guess the ability to customize it anyhow you want in terms of design and color is probably a bonus too. Those interested in checking it out can head on over to Red Bird Blue for the details.

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