April 1, 2013 not only marks everyone’s least favorite holiday, April Fools’ Day, but it also marks the official start to baseball as MLB’s opening day is set to start later today. Getting your friends and family around your TV to watch the opening day festivities will be tricky on a Monday night, but a new app will allow you to watch baseball and still communicate with your friends or family while also giving you important stats regarding the game you’re watching.

Tok.tv is announcing they’re making it possible to not only deliver sports statistics to you through their TV app, but the service will also make it possible for you to voice chat with up to four remote people in order to make the experience as close to having people over as possible, without the need to clean up your apartment or ordering pizza for your guests. “We found voice is the medium to generate emotion, people don’t want to type home run, they want to yell home run,” said Tok.tv’s founder and chief executive Fabrizio Capobianco.

We know you could fire up Skype or any other voice chat client you choose while also firing up a second-screen app, but having everything inside of one app can certainly help sell this application. If you’re planning on calling your friends while watching one of the opening day games today, you might want to consider Tok.tv’s offerings.

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