We’ve seen a number of high profile Twitter accounts being hacked in the past couple of weeks. 60 Minutes and other CBS accounts, 11 accounts of The Guardian and the main account of The Associated Press were all hacked recently. It is believed that the same modus operandi was used in all hacks, and Twitter warns its users that these attacks are likely to continue in the near future, this according to a memo Twitter sent to numerous news organizations.

In its memo Twitter describes various solutions that could help make accounts safer, suggesting that users beef up the security of their email accounts and review applications authorized with their Twitter accounts. They also suggest that one computer must be used for the sole purpose of accessing Twitter, to reduce the risk of malware, this computer should not be used for doing anything else online. It is also rumored that Twitter is working on a two factor authentication system which will greatly boost account security, and that it is rushing to get it out as soon as possible so as to curtail any impending attacks on prominent accounts.

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