iphone-5-inch-screen-analystAs the iPhone is a hot commodity, it means that owners of the iPhone are more prone to having their phone stolen compared to someone else who might own a feature phone. Stolen phones are then resold to those who might otherwise cannot afford the iPhone at full price, or who think that they are getting a great deal for a secondhand product. In any case if you’re ever approached by someone selling you an iPhone at a price too good to be true, you might want to say no because apparently in San Francisco, police are going undercover and launching sting operations in which they arrest buyers who attempt to buy the stolen phones from them.

They of course make sure that the buyer knows that the phone is stolen, and apparently in order to make the operation legal, the police officers are not allowed to state the price, but rather have the potential customer make an offer instead. So far there are reports of buyers offering anywhere from $25 up to $200. This operation was designed to deter customers from purchasing stolen products and are launched in areas where stolen products are known to be sold, such as the corner of 7th and Market Streets. We’re not sure how successful this operation since this definitely smells like a lawsuit in the works.

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