ibeetleApple has a penchant for naming a fair number of their gizmos with the prefix of the letter “i”, and here we are keeping our fingers crossed that Volkswagen will not do the same with their future rides, even should the Volkswagen iBeetle do extremely well in the market. Wait a minute here, you say, just exactly what is the Volkswagen iBeetle all about?

The spanknig new Volkswagen iBeetle will be accompanied by an iPhone docking station, which has been specially integrated into the dashboard itself. This would mean you can snap the iPhone in its place nice and sturdy, where just about every single one of the phone’s functions will be able to be accessed and executed in the iBeetle directly, such as hands-free calls, navigation, and music playback, among others.

There will also be an app that helps hold everything together in terms of functionality, an advanced on-board instrumentation, gas-mileage trainer, text-to-speech message reader, and photos among others. Itching for a new ride already?

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