White Tuxedo Monster DNA Headphones Debut At 2013 MTV Movie Awards

monster-tuxedoThe spanking new white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones were revealed to the world at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards last night, where it is the result of a partnership between Monster and Viacom. There was a special backstage listening lounge at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards where an autographed model of the white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones will be put up for auction, and proceeds from said auction will be used to support “Jewelry for a Cause”, which is a charity that intends to remove illegal guns from the streets.

For those who are interested in picking up the white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones, they will be available from this April 16th onwards for $229.95 a pop. Sporting a unique Duo Tone color, the white Tuxedo Monster DNA headphones comes in prominent white as well as striking black accents, while boasting of a distinctive triangular shape that is sure to turn heads.

Your comfort is at the top of Monster’s list since this pair of headphones will feature advanced, pillow-soft noise-isolating cushions that ensure sound remains locked in, allowing you to enjoy hours of music on your own sans external distraction, with the aid of noise isolation to boot. Check out the rest of the photo gallery after the jump.

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