surface-7inchSteve Jobs famously mentioned that 7-inch tablets would be DOA – Dead On Arrival, and how he must be rolling in his grave when he realizes that his beloved Apple did conform to popular opinion by rolling out the iPad mini. Granted, it isn’t 7” exactly per se, but you get the idea that even Apple thinks there is a market for a smaller sized tablet. None of Microsoft’s founders said anything of that sort, so we are not surprised at all to hear that The Wall Street Journal has reported that Microsoft is currently working on a 7-inch Surface tablet that will run on the Windows RT operating system.

At this point in time, there are no Windows-based devices in this particular category, considering how the operating system itself was not optimized for a device with this screen size. Earlier reports do point to the future Windows Blue update being optimized to handle 7” media tablets, and we wait with bated breath to see what other rabbits will Microsoft pull out of their proverbial hat in the year to come. Do you think a 7” Windows RT tablet is going to be able to sell well?

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