york-robot-frisbeeYork TechFire 225 teammates Gracie Putnam and Wren Hensgen have a common love for all things robotics, which is why they are working together on the TyranoSaucer Rex. Got to give them credit for the quirky yet lovable name, where the TyranoSaucer Rex is maneuvered via remote control, and should be worth taking a look at if you happen to have a dog who loves playing fetch, as this robot is capable of accurately launching Frisbees across a large room.

In fact, you can say that York County is the place where some of the best robot-building Frisbee throwers are bred, as this team of high-schoolers managed to earn their place in a regional robotics competition this month, as a reward for turning up first a district qualifying event in March. This ongoing robotic event is somewhat akin to a “varsity sport,” where you get your cheerleaders and fans screaming behind you, and have to think of game strategy among others. We do wonder just how far this team from York County will go, but all the best to them!

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