Img16285-2Smartphone and tablet theft is not exactly a rare occurrence, and as if sporting an iPhone or iPad wasn’t temptation enough for a thief to grab your device and make a run for it, sheathing it in gold just increases the temptation even more. However if your tablet rarely makes it out of your home, or if you can afford a replacement in the event it does get stolen, Amosu has a 24-karat iPad that you can buy if you have $4,300 to spare. What this will get you is a gold iPhone with a 24-karat gold jacket along with an Apple logo made out of Swarovski crystals. Apart from that nothing else about the iPad has changed and it will retain its current hardware and software. If an iPad isn’t for you, Amosu also has gold-plated iPhones and even an Amazon Kindle e-reader as gold-plated alternatives. For more information and to order one for yourself, head on over to Amosu’s website for the details.

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