3dprinterhacksHmmm, the name Cooking Hacks might be one that you would want to keep a keen eye peeled open for, where this open hardware division of Libelium has just announced the immediate availability of a new 3D Printer Kit which comprises of all the hardware components required in order for you to mount a 3D printer device from scratch. Not only that, the Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit will also feature a step-by-step instruction guide as well as access to hands-on Build-It Workshops to get you off on the right footing.

It does not matter whether you are a maker, hobbyist or DIY enthusiast, the Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit should have something for everyone, where it also boasts of professional online customer support to help you out in assembly and calibration requirements. In fact, since May 17th, there has been a series of hands-on workshops offered at TechShop in its Menlo Park location in California, as well as at Cooking Hacks in Spain so that users can go about building their very own personal 3D printer. Hopefully this will not eventually end up in someone printing a 3D gun and smuggling it through borders with nefarious purposes! [Product Page]

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