13.05.16-Illumination-1Let’s face it, while the flash units on our smartphones are getting better with each passing generation, they certainly aren’t as strong compared to dedicated flash units found on DSLR cameras, but what if there was a way that you could make use of the flashes from other cameras to help light up your subject from multiple angles? Well if you thought that would be cool, Apple has a patent in which it suggests a method where multiple iOS devices can be connected and simultaneously fire off multiple flashes together.

Similar to professional photography setups, the main phone would be the master device, while the other iOS devices will act as slaves and will be triggered to fire off their flashes once the shutter on the main device goes off. Interestingly this patent even suggests that a test photo will first be captured in order for the other slave devices to adjust the intensity of their flashes, because obviously 5 iOS devices firing off their flashes at the same time at full intensity will result in a very badly taken photo. It’s an interesting idea but since it is only a patent, there’s no telling if Apple will ever implement such a feature, but iPhonegraphers, what do you guys think?

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