Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is certainly something, especially when he is now deemed to be the first galactic superstar (move over, Lynn Minmay – the real deal is now here) after rolling out a cover version of “Space Oddity” from David Bowie. This happened as Chris Hadfield celebrated his last day aboard the International Space Station, having spent a good five months there and detailing his experience via Twitter photographs as well as YouTube videos. In just 18 hours or so after his rendition of Space Oddity was posted on YouTube, Hadfield’s video racked up over a million views, with editors of David Bowie’s official Facebook page praising the cover as “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”

Canadian musician Emm Gryner sang with Mr. Bowie at the turn of the century was more than happy to collaborate with Hadfield, saying, “Chris is a musician and a pretty damn good one at that. When Chris brought up collaborating while he was on this current mission I of course said YES with a capital Y E S and we went back and forth for a while figuring out what our collaboration might entail. When he told me he wanted to cover ‘Space Oddity’ I was over the moon — pardon the pun.” What are some of the other crazy things do you think astronauts can do to earn even more plaudits in the long run?

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