1369039776Let’s face it, a lot of probably tear open the boxes of our gadgets and throw them away without thinking much about it, and that’s because most of the time, the packaging is pretty much useless (and sometimes even frustrating to open!), but wouldn’t it be cool if the packaging of a product had more than one use to it? Well that’s what the folks from Craftwerk USA are doing with the Atrio iPhone bumper case. While the focus of the product is the bumper case itself, Craftwerk is not letting any part of the packaging go to waste because the packaging actually has the ability to double as a stand for your phone (pictured above)!

The case itself is made from aluminum and will cost you $59 for an early-bird special. The case itself is pretty stylish so we guess if you’re more interested in just the case itself, the stand is just a really neat bonus of its own. At the moment the Atrio case is a Kickstarter project so if you’d like to pledge a donation, head on over to its Kickstarter page for the details.

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