A new ‘Administrative Fee’ has been introduced by AT&T which will apply to postpaid consumer contracts and individual responsibility user of IRU business contracts. The fee was applied to aforementioned subscribers from 1st May. AT&T says that this new fee helps it to “defray” some expenses that it has to bear. These expenses include but are not limited to “charges AT&T or its agents pay to interconnect other carriers to deliver calls from AT&T customers to their customers” or “charges associated with cell sites rents and maintenance.” The administrative fee is $0.61 per month, which works out to be an additional $7.32 per year.

AT&T subscribers might find solace in the fact that their carrier actually charges less administrative fees than other carriers in the country. Carriers such as T-Mobile actually bundle this fee with the regulatory charges, so obviously its not as clear cut as the way AT&T is adopting to inform its subscribers about the charge. As a customer, what is your point of view on carriers charging such fees to subscribers? Do you think whether they should be paying for whatever expenses they mention out of their own pocket? Should carriers be liable to disclose if their collections are actually more than the mentioned expenses?

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